Not too far... πŸ˜› I didn't give. I spent.I didn't mind. I did memorize.I didn't tell. But I tolerated.Doesn't meant its give-up. it's sacrifice.Day & Night!Night???Sometimes decent sometimes dementedStumbled with all selfishnessNarrated as ... "NSatirical, Slanderous Affront after obligationBehaved beyond the beast Dilemma in defining help and responsibilityRolling & roving..but the role is challenging A [...]



To/ towards... Smiling at everyone (sometimes even to badly behaving beings.:) One of the addictions. Whistling to puppies/cats..(pets) while crossing To drench in heavy rain Supporting blindly when someone gets scoldings from others πŸ˜› Checking the time @ midnight (Midnight mental πŸ˜€ ) Advising others (sometimes when they are not needed πŸ˜› ) But I [...]

Stay Happy… :)

When you have SOMETHING, When you give smiles on others face, When you treat others like a human (many fails to do..,) When you keep smiling even if you get more anger, Whenever you receive Thanks/Sorry from others, When you are poor, stupid, naive...sometimes, When the situation is disfavour for you, The moment of success, [...]